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1st Published, Dec. 2006

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Wireless Hardware, and Drivers, for Windows x64, and Vista 64.

Windows x64 is 64bits based, as a result, drivers that come with almost all of the Wireless Card that are currently sold would Not work since they are 32bit based.

If you already have a Wireless Card, the probability that you would find Windows x64 or Vista 64 compatible drivers is very low.

However buying a new Card that works with Windows x64, or Vista 64 might not be a big deal since their prices vary between $30 to $40

Ralink, a producer of OEM chipsets for Wireless, issued Windows x64 drivers for download.

This table shows the  Wireless Devices using Wireless Chipsets that is compatible with Windows x64, an Vista 64.


Wireless based on Ralink chipsets, RT2571W, RT2671, RT2500USB, RT61PCI/mPCI/CB, would work with Windows x64, and vista 64.

Generic Drivers for Windows x64 are available here, and include drivers for Vista 64bits.


Few Examples of Hardware based on Ralink Windows x64 compatible chipset.

Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54-AI USB 2

Zonet ZEW1501 PCMCIA

Zonet ZEW1601 PCI

Be careful, manufacturers have a tendency to change chipsets and leave the model number intact.

As an Example: The Linksys WUSB54G v4 is based on the Ralink chipset, while the previous versions are not. There is No way to know when you buy one which version is in the Box.

If you do find v4 of the card, you have to use Ralink Drivers from the link above.

Linksys original Drivers do not support Windows x64.

Note: This discussion is only concerning the capacity for using Windows x64, or Vista
I have No solid information concerning these devices as Wireless Hardware. I.e. Range stability security etc. YMMV.

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