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Networking for

Home & SOHO

A Practical Approach

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Using Personal Computers as part of a Local Area Network (LAN) been long time the center of Business and Cooperate Computing.

The usefulness of Computer Networking finally caught up with Home, and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) computer's users.

Network terms and convention are taken from the "Big LANs". Bear in mind that cost issues and usage of Entry Level networking hardware may lead to solutions that are not necessarily shared with IT professional in the cooperate envioroment.

We will do our best to try to close the "Gap" in a Functional manner.

If you are a "Big LAN" person, please bear with us.
Our solutions are not necessarily up your ally.

As would reflect in our pages, often we will not coach you through the specific settings concerning your Network.  We will organize the information about the ways to approach it and provide links that will show you the actual process to set your Network.

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