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1st Published, April 2006 (Updated Feb. 2007)

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My Wireless Computer does not work with a Wireless Router, or an Access Point.

Many new Laptops come with a physical switch that disables the Wireless (helps to save battery power if the Wireless is not working).

Consult you computer’s manual and make sure that if you have such a switch it is On.

You switched the Card On and it does Not work.

Take a look at Windows Device Manger and make sure that the wireless card is listed there.  

Example, http://www.ezlan.net/example/dm_ok.jpg

If there is trouble with the Network adapter in the Device Manger, look here,


Next, log to Windows Control Panel/Network Connection, and make sure that there is Local Network Connection for the device.

Example, http://www.ezlan.net/example/nets.jpg

If there is No Icon for your Local Network Connection. With the Wireless switch On try to reboot the computer.  Windows would install the Network Connection.

Right click on the Local Network Connection icon, and choose properties.

It should look like this. http://www.ezlan.net/example/tcp.jpg

If every thing is good thus far, look at the TCP/IP properties of the Wireless Local Connection. 


Notice that the TCP/IP is set to Obtain an IP Address and DNS Automatically, unless you were instructed at the first time when you set the Wireless to use a Static IP, you should leave it on Obtain Automatically.

The Parameters of Functional Working Network Should look like this.


Many new Wireless Laptops and Wireless ready Desktops come with a configuration that loads the Original Wireless manufacturer’s Utility at Startup.  The Wireless connection can be maintained only by one agent; as a result most of these utilities are programmed to switch Off Windows Zero Configuration (WZC).  

Many people prefer the flexibility of WZC.  In such a case the 3rd party Utility has to be disabled from starting, and WZC has to be initiated again.

Selective Disabling of Startup can be easily done with this, http://www.ezlan.net/infestation.html#startup

Reviving WZC here, http://www.ezlan.net/wzc.html

     It is important that the Wireless should be managed only with one application.       
   You can use the Original Utility, or WZC.  When one is used the other has to be Off  
           (Not loaded into memory, and not maintained as active Windows service).       

Ok, the Wireless seems to work I can see in the Wireless application that there is a signal, and an available Wireless source but I can not use the Internet.

Seeing signal in the Wireless configuration application, or reading somewhere in the system that you are connected, does not mean that you actually have a functional Wireless connection.

If you can use the Internet with your Wireless Computer, the Wireless connection is OK.  If you do not have an Internet connection available (or the connection does not work) a simple way to ascertain that you have a basic Wireless connection is to try to use the Internet Browser in a Wireless Client computer and find out if you can connect to the Router's (Access Point) Menus (see your hardware manual for the Router's IP Address, the login name and the password).

If you cannot connect to the Router this might help.


Wireless Basic Configuration

Wireless Security

Many more pages concerning Wireless issue here,


And here, http://www.ezlan.net/faq.html

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