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1st Published, Dec. 2004

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Wake On LAN - Switch your computer ON through your LAN or the Internet.

Wake on LAN (WOL) is a way to Switch On a computer that is connected to a Network from a Remote Computer.

To support WOL you must have a computer with Motherboard that supports WOL, as well as a Network Controller (NIC) supporting this function.  Most of the newer Motherboard (circa 2002 and On), have an On Board NIC that supports WOL.  Otherwise you need to install a PCI NIC that is WOL capable.

The WOL process is done through sending a special packet (aka "Magic Packet") to the remote computer.

The Magic Packet can be written in script according to the WOL specifications.

General information about WOL can be found here:

Wake on LAN.

Getting Wake On LAN (sometimes called Remote Wake Up) to work.


In order to wake up a computer from the Internet you need a Broadband connection with a Router connected to the Modem that keeps your connection alive (you need a Router even if you have Static IP).

Waking Up the computer from remote is done by sending the magic packet through the Internet using your Internet IP address, and the MAC number of the computer that you intend to Wake Up.

If you do not know your IP address read this.

Link to: How I find my Computer/Server Internet address from remote location.

You have to prepare the system for Wake Up Over the Internet.

Open a Port thought the Router, and the Software Firewall (use high port number so it will not conflict with any other port, 5850 is a good example).

Assign the port to the internal IP of the computer that you want to WOL (you can use the port only for one computer).

Get this Utility it let you define a port for WOL.

 Link to:  Wake on LAN for Windows Graphical User Interface (WOL GUI)

Take with you a copy of the WOL GUI, and write down the MAC number.  In the remote location start WOL GUI and type in your MAC number, Type in the  Internet address (Internet IP) type in the port number that you left Open.  Click on Wake me Up and it should work.

The following links provide ready made "Magic Packet" Utilities:

Wake on LAN for Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI)

AMD - Magic Packet.

Matcode.com - Free WOL Utility.

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