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1st Published, Jan. 2008

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Few Things that Windows Home Server can do for you.


Windows Home Server can do a lot more than a simple NAS.
You can use any computer from P-III 1GHz with 1GB RAM and above to run Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server (WHS) is a subset of Windows 2003 without Active Directory and Domain Manager that are useless in small home network environment.

WHS natively can do Auto back up, and Restore of all the computers on the Network. To secure the backup data it can do Auto Mirroring too.

It is ready for HTTP and FTP servers, with certificate based SSL connection (the certificate is provided only with the paid version).

Provides Dynamic DNS, your_name.homeserver.com that is registered when you set up the server. It is free service from Microsoft and it enable you to connect to the Server (with secure connection) from any place in the world with Internet connection.

Many add-ins are available for Windows Home server (most are free) some of them can turn the server into an excellent Media Server solution.

See here the most popular add-ins.


RAID?  Basically there is No need for RAID, the Server has a Redundancy feature. When two drives are used the Server saves the original file on one drive and keep a copy of the file on the second drive (it is a self mirroring in the system).

Files are save in regular format so even in case of Server "disaster" it is easy to copy them back elsewhere

In addition when more storage is needed another drive can be added, its joins the current storage without any changes in the current system.

No matter how many drives are attached to the system there is No need for multiple mapping. To the Network the whole core of the storage is projected as one drive called \\WHS\.

Some computer Enthusiasts feel that life without RAID are Not "worth living".
Windows Home Server does Not support RAID from the inside thus you cannot configure the Motherboard IDE/SATA port to work as RAID.

However, if One has a real RAID system based on Hardware RAID card, WHS would use it like it uses any Storage drive.

Windows Home Server trial can be obtained from Microsoft.



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