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1st Published, Dec. 2004

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This page includes links and information to help understanding and installing a small Windows Network.

Note. If you have computers connect to a Cable/DSL Router (or any similar installation of few computers sharing the Internet) and all of them can surf the Internet but are not communicating between them, this page might serve you better.

Link to: Sharing Disk Drives Between Computers on Windows Network.

Otherwise, this page might help in installing Windows Networking capabilities on any computer that is connect to other computer, or in order to connect to the Internet.

It is Important to Disable Software Firewalls, Virus programs, Anti Trojan, or any other program that intercepts Internet traffic while Configuring, or Problem Solving your Network Settings.

Be aware that some Software Firewalls, Live Virus Scanner etc. would keep working in the background even if you switch them Off.  

Disable means that if possible do not let the Applications to load at Startup,  take them out of the picture until the Network Configuration problems are resolved.

Once the problems are solved you can start the Firewall again.  However the Software Firewall might block the LAN internal traffic.  In order to prevent the Firewall from blocking LAN traffic you have to set the software correctly.

Most Software Firewalls have a Settings that allow you to insert a range of Local IPs that should not be blocked (It is usually called Trusted Zone, Intranet or Private Zone, etc.).  Insert the IPS range of your computers to the Firewall appropriate Menu.  E.g. such a setting will free from Firewall blocking any local computer with an IP between to  

Connecting the Hardware with Cable/DSL Router should look like this.

Link to:  Diagram of  Broadband Internet Connection with Cable/DSL Router.

Installing Win98 Network.

Link to:  FS Guide to Windows 98.

Setting Sharing with Win98 Network.

Link to:  AnandTech - FAQ. Networking and sharing between computers.

Installing Windows 2000 Pro.

The best collection of installing and setting Windows2000 can be found in this page.

Log to it and scroll down to:   Articles & Tutorials  - Windows 2000

Setting Sharing with Win2000 Network.

Link to:  Windows 2000 Network  Sharing.

Link to: Windows 2000 Permissions

Link to: Windows 2000 Auto logon

Installing WinXP.

Link to:  Set Up a Small Network with Windows XP Home Edition.

Installing WinXP Pro is similar.  However User and Sharing setting are more elaborate, as can be seen in the links 1/2 a page down.

In case of Trouble.

Link to:  How to verify your Network card is working properly.

Link to:  How to verify your Network is working correctly.

Setting Sharing with WinXP:

For the purpose of the initial setting, disable all software Firewall (including WinXP native ICF);   disable any active Virus scan or any other utility that might intercept Network Traffic.

If you are not concern about internal security WinXP has a fast simple method of sharing, no user permissions and no passwords.

Link to:  Windows XP (Home & Pro)  Simple File Sharing.

WinXP Pro has an additional more secure method:

Link to:  Windows XP Professional File Sharing.

Link to:  XP File Sharing Trouble

Link to:  How to check access to Shared Resources.

Link to:  Windows XP Access control via Security.

 Q:  I checked all my settings and I am sure that every thing is set correctly.  

 What shall I do? 

 A:  Install NetBEUI as an additional protocol for Sharing local Network traffic. 

Link to: Set NetBEUI as an additional Sharing Protocol in WinXP.

More detailed Trouble Shooting of Sharing problems in this page.

Link to: Sharing Disk Drives Between Computers on Windows Network.

Sharing Internet Connection:

Link to:  AnandTech - FAQ. Basic Options for Internet Connection Sharing.

Link to:  AnandTech - FAQ. Hubs, routers, switches, DSL, LANs, WANs...?

Link to:  Diagram of  Broadband Internet Connection with Cable/DSL Router.

Primer to Wireless Network.

Link to:  AnandTech - FAQ. What do I need for wireless Networking?

Link to:  Wireless - Basic Configuration.

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